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It may save you thousands!

If you have storm damage done to your home, your insurance may help cover the cost to repair. Let us help with the process.

Featured Service

Saves Time! 

Instead of going through the hassel of comparing many different quotes from many different contracting companies, your insurance dictates the cost of the renovations to us.

No Negotiations, No Over Charged Quote, No Wasting Your Time 

  • 6 year workmanship warranty on complete re-roofing
  • In-home shingle sample showing
  • Pre-installation inspections
  • Exceeding industry standards in installations
  • Year-round installations
  • ​​Full-consultative approach
  • Home delivery

Here at T&G Enterprises LLC, we prioritize our clients in not having to take on the full brunt of a re-roofing bill.

If you have storm damage to your home. We strongly suggest going through your Home Owner's insurance. We say this because of 3 major reasons.

We represent you! 

We have dealt with many insurance adjusters over our years of business. We are qualified to represent you.​ We guide you step by step throughout the process so you feel comfortable with the process.




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